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What’s the difference between VT and VO

VT (Valve Through) sealant is a temporary repair solution formulated to pass through the valve core so that valve core removal is not necessary. Products containing VT sealant are designed for higher speed vehicles such as cars, buses, trucks and 4WDs. VO (Valve Out) sealant is formulated for slower moving vehicles such as earth moving equipment, tractors, bob cats, ride on mowers, quad bikes and heavy duty mining vehicles. VO sealant (requires) requires the valve core to be removed prior to installation.

Can I pre-treat punctures?

Up & Go Repair VO (Valve Out formula) PUNCTURE REPAIR THAT KEEPS GOING, HEAVY DUTY PERFORMANCE is formulated for a longer last result. It can be used as a pre-treatment to repair punctures as they occur. Pre-treating is only suitable for slow moving vehicles and not recommended for vehicles that exceed 50 km/hr.

Can I leave sealant in the tyre permanently?

If your vehicle exceeds speeds of 50km/hour then make sure you have the punctured tyre professionally inspected and repaired as soon as possible. UP & GO will help get you there, but in high speed situations it is critical to have a puncture professionally repaired.

Will the tyre go down over time?

vTyres naturally lose air through porosity and bead leaks. Flexing around a puncture area may over time also result in air loss.

How does it work?

Trydel has developed and patented a valve through formula that uses a combination of particles and self-adhering substances that bond together to form a plug around the puncture area. That plug is what keeps air in a punctured tyre and a vehicle mobile.

Will Trydel Up & Go Repair sealant repair sidewall punctures?

Our formula will seal the majority of punctures in the tread area, but not on the sidewall. The solution coats and treats punctures in the tread area. The liquid sealant is limited in the sidewall area due to the centrifugal
forces that keep the solution in the tread area.

What are the limitations of the sealant?

The repair capabilities of Up & Go Repair is formula dependent. Our Valve Out Heavy Duty formula will seal punctures made from objects up to 12mm in diameter and can be used as a pre-treatment in tyres on slow moving vehicles such as ride on lawn movers and tractors. Up & Go Repair Emergency Valve Through formula will seal punctures made from objects up to 6mm in diameter. This is not suitable as a pre-treatment in high-speed vehicles such as motorcars and trucks.

What size punctures will the product seal?

VT sealant will seal punctures made from objects up to 6mm (1/4 inch) in diameter. VO sealant will seal punctures made from objects up to 12mm (1/2 inch) in diameter.

What is the shelf life of the product versus competitor products?

Trydel Up & Go sealant (VT & VO) is effective for up to ten years. Compared to some products that harden within two years or so our formula is the more convenient and reliable option.

Will the sealant seal around the bead?

Trydel tyre sealant is not designed to seal bead leaks. However in certain circumstances it may work.

Why choose Trydel sealants over competitor products?

Trydel sealants seal punctures faster than Latex based sealants. As latex takes time to cure in the puncture area it may (as our tests show) in some circumstances leak out of a hole during the curing process. Trydel sealants have a shelf life of up to 10 years while competitor products that are latex based can harden and become ineffective within two years